Bloomberg’s Bathroom

 The New York Times reports today that Mayor Michel Bloomberg offered this advice for those who want to achieve: “arrive early, eat at your desk, stay late and don’t go to the bathroom so much.” The article says he threw out the bathroom admonishment on his radio show. Maybe he didn’t mean what he really said, or he said what he didn’t really mean –Duh?  Ridicule has ensued.

When smart people say stupid things, it puts their infallibility into perspective. I get the early/late connection. I also eat at my desk. But putting a clock on bathroom usage is discriminatory and unhealthy. Okay, Da Mayor slipped up. He’s still a billionaire and I’m not.

In keeping with the wandering mind aspect of this blog, I have to go back to the time I did a radio interview and misused a word—I’m sure this has happened more than once in my life. Some older, no doubt learned gentlemen called the office to point out my ignorance. Apparently I said live on the radio: “ecetera” rather than “etcetera.”  Dude, I took Latin in school. I know the difference, but it is a written, not a spoken language and I probably fell back into my Jersey way of speaking, so it came out wrong. Sorry, Mayor, your gaffe is bigger than mine.

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