Chemical Weapons Crisis

The most unsettling aspect of my brief military training involved preparing for a chemical attack. All I remember was that death would be quick and painful. Now, our government says chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian government against its own citizens, a charge denied by Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad.  We’ve issued one of those “moral obscenity” statements while Assad is warning us to back off. Things are so bad that I turned on CNN in the daytime, something I haven’t done since Newtown.  Chemical weapons were front and center along with breaking news that the USA is within hours of striking Syria.  

What is the truth? What should the USA do?  Is this another WMD excuse/trap? Colin Powell told the United Nations in 2003 that Iraq had WMDs, but that was never proved, despite the enormous loss of lives to find proof. Perhaps, the first response is for the citizenry to speak out about how our nation should enforce a moral war, if at all. Yes, should we continue our role as global police? Or, should we acknowledge that whatever we think, our leaders will do what they want regardless?

Or, is all of the above cover for some type of covert action?

Too many questions tell me that we are headed for a very bad time and I, for one, don’t want another Iraq or Afghanistan.

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