“Record four shows at one time,” so go the countless ads that reach me through the mail and on TV. I don’t have four shows in total, let alone at one time. I’ve never had four shows, not even three shows at one time. I am straining here to remember the last time I had a TV viewing conflict. Blank.

I do remember when TV was simple: the three networks and a couple of independents. The odds back then were good that at least three times per week you could say, “There’s nothing on TV tonight.” Unfortunately, the odds are still high that you can claim there is nothing to watch despite 200+choices.

DSC_0195But in fairness I have been known to watch three hours of baseball on TV, or the Olympics, the World Cup and other live sports. Although I am an SF Giants fan, I took a photo of the Cardinals—my sister’s favorite team– celebrating last night after whipping the hated Dodgers, 9-0. Go Giants!

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