Foot Golf and Other Creative Games

WP_20140614_019That’s me sinking a six-footer this weekend in a new, fun sport—foot golf. You play it with a #5 soccer ball on a golf course with large holes. Google “foot golf” to see how it is played.

There is speculation about how the sport started. The first tournament was in 2009, according to one source. One reason for its introduction is that golf revenues were declining, so course owners wanted to draw more people to the fairways. It’s cheap to play, save for the course fees. Hey, for $10 you can buy a soccer ball. Equipment is whatever—no cleats, or street shoes—but I assume that each course sets its standards for dress and foot wear.

I’m sorry that I did not think of foot golf because I have a passion for creating games. Here are some sports—better termed “activities”–that I have dreamed up—none went viral.

1. Wiffle ball bowling. What is needed: six golf tees, a practice wiffle golf ball and a long wood floor hallway. How played: bowler gets on knees and rolls the ball in an attempt to knock down all six tees set up in three rows: one, two and three tees in a pyramid shape. Scoring: keep track of how many rolls it takes for a player to knock down all the tees. Players are eliminated when they exceed 20 rolls. Any number of people may play. The longer the hallway, the better. (My kids enjoyed this game.)

2. Frisbee hockey. What is needed: a Frisbee and a long hallway with a hard surface floor—not wood–without any breakable items in sight. Game is played by two people. Each takes a turn as a goalie who attempts to stop any Frisbee from striking any portion of the end wall behind the goalie. The attacker stands about 20-feet away from the goalie and attempts to score usually by bouncing the Frisbee off the wall or floor at a high speed so that it skips past the goalie. You may also throw the Frisbee as hard as hell at the goalie. Frisbee is thrown overhand for purposes of speed. This game was typically played at college dorm hallways and was not popular with the administration.

One thought on “Foot Golf and Other Creative Games

  1. Rich,

    Foot golf sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s play it when we come out. I had never heard of it. I’m still trying to hit the little white ball and paying for the frustration!


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