Meaning of Life, Lesson Two

I recently found the meaning of life. My life hasn’t changed much as a result of the discovery and that is the key. Understanding why I am here at this very moment doesn’t move mountains-the mortgage payment is due in a few days along with various other bills. Lesson Two: reality remains reality even if you have an edge on it.DSC_0218 - Copy - Copy

One thought on “Meaning of Life, Lesson Two

  1. Rich,

    I am intrigued. Tell me about how you found the meaning of life.

    Richie told me that, when he was in San Francisco all last week, he invited Carrie to a FaceBook party. Did she say how it went for her? I’m happy that he thought to ask her.

    School is in full swing, and I felt like I was a California teacher when I was told our pay checks were going to be late. It made me think of the days you were paid in script!


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