No Room At The Inn

DSC_0328 - Copy - CopyDSC_0328 - Copy

My backyard beehive is crowded these days. Took this shot of one honey bee figuring out where it can land in order to get back into the hive. Bees don’t navigate well—they will often land on top of the hive, a wood box, and crawl down the side to reach the narrow entrance.

Reasons for crowding are many—translated, I’m not sure why there are so many bees hanging out in the front. Here are some possibilities: it is too hot inside; they are guarding against intruders( other bees that aren’t part of the hive); or the hive is too crowded, although I just added “more room” last week. Finally, there may be a new queen, hence, there may be some politics going on.

The first taste of honey this year was incredible, but I am biased.

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