When Not To Use A Cell Phone…

DSC_0588We live in a culture of  outrage, thanks to the speed of social media. Someone does something ill-advised and soon thousands, if not millions, are compelled to express moral disdain, playground anger or basic revulsion. With this in mind, I am posting an objection I have to the effect that cell phones have on everyday behavior. Perhaps, this is the final straw that compels me to yell, “I can’t take it anymore.” I refer, of course, to people who walk their dogs while talking on the cell phone. They ignore the dog and, consequently, I have witnessed two occasions where they have also failed to notice that their pooch bombed the sidewalk. Yes, some people can’t walk and clean up dog poop with a cell phone glued to their ear.

My pain is with the dog. Pay attention to him or her–it wants your love, even when sniffing a telephone pole. How about this? “I can’t talk right now I’m walking my dogs.” Sammy is pictured above, showing us what he thinks of cell phones.

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