Fading Newsprint…

NewsThere’s a news fight each morning in my house: the New York Times vs. the internet. The Times is delivered to my doorstep, sometimes to the bushes. While I could access the NYT via the internet, I prefer to hold it so I can transfer newsprint to the chair cover and my forearm. I keep the laptop by my side to check for breaking stories, or useless information, but I start the day with well edited accounts of world events without cookies hiding behind a screen.

The love of holding a newspaper started decades ago when I toiled as a reporter for a New Jersey afternoon daily. For those too young to remember, some newspapers hit the newsstands around 1 p.m.  People brought the paper home from work and read it while enjoying a cocktail. There was no cable TV or internet. My reporting “shift” started at 4 p.m.  I usually handed in three to five news articles around 10 p.m. before retiring to a restaurant/bar to wait for the boss to tell me via the phone booth that my copy was great and I could go home.  The afternoon newspaper eventually became an information dinosaur along with the IBM Selectric, carbon paper and, of course, the phone booth…my tools of the trade.

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