Chartan: Details

DSC_0484Last week: Chartan and Gina’s impromptu wedding reception sparks romance between Gina’s Aunt Julie and Skyler Brazil.

“We close in 30 minutes,” said the clerk without looking up.

“Time enough to get married?” asked Chartan.

She raised her head slowly as if in fear of what she would see. “You!  Sorry no refunds and I can’t marry you twice in one day,” she replied.

“Not me—them,” he said, stepping aside to reveal Brazil and Julie holding hands.

The clerk waved the couple forward.  “Fill out these forms and pay the fee—you have about 15 minutes—I’ve got company coming tonight.”

Brazil and Julie stood at the counter, scribbling responses in a rapid fire manner.  Chartan and Gina found chairs a few feet away.

Julie whispered,” Skyler, what’s your middle name?”

He continued writing. “I don’t know yours either.”

“I guess there’s a lot we don’t about each other,” said Julie.

Brazil put his pen down. “My life has been about details. How about details later, if at all? “

With a flourish Julie signed her name. “This marriage is going be fun—and I’m done.”

At 4:01 p.m., the two newly married couples walked down the steps of City Hall.

“We could get another pizza,” said Julie,” at least I’ll be on time.”

The teenage waitress met them at the door.

“We’ll take another large with the works,” announced Chartan.

They returned to the table they’d left an hour ago. They’d only been seated for a minute when Julie said,” Skyler, there’s one detail we should discuss now.” Gina and Chartan squirmed in their chairs. Was the honeymoon over?

The crew cut veteran with soft eyes leaned forward so his nose was inches from his wife’s face. “Fire away.”

“My place or yours tonight?” asked Julie.

“I didn’t make the bed this morning,” he replied. “In fact, I didn’t do the dishes.”

“We’re a match made in heaven,” said Julie. “My place—you can help me clean up.”

The foursome laughed until the pizza came.

Later that night Chartan and Gina sat across from each other at their small kitchen table.

“I still can’t believe Aunt Julie met and married Skyler in the time it takes to eat a pizza.”

“It’s a detail. What counts is their happiness together,” said Chartan.

To be continued next Sunday…

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