Breaking News

After I learned of the Paris terror attacks, I turned on CNN and left it on and only turned it off when I went to bed with “breaking news” on my mind.  I have CNN on now, waiting for the President to address the nation—more breaking news.

“Breaking News” isn’t balanced—some news is more riveting and devastating than other news although they are all part of the chain that pulls us to watch, learn and form opinions. The lock down in Brussels is, I’m certain, a bigger story than has been presented. Empty streets occupied by heavily armed uniformed police and soldiers are the norm on the TV screen. Part of my viewing life is filled with repeating ten second news clips of police moving in on a suspect, or people placing flowers in public areas lit by candles.  CNN newscasters interview experts on terrorism and security in a perpetual cycle. As a former news reporter, I always had a sense that a story was going somewhere, that there would be a conclusion: the senator went to prison, or the drilling company finally found water. But I’m not certain about the end of breaking news on terrorism. World events appear to be cascading out of control, all connected to terrorism. And then there is gun violence in our control…more breaking news.

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