DSC_0484  (Last week Gina tells Chartan she is pregnant while Brazil tries to hide is anger over Julie’s criminal past.)

“Gina’s three months pregnant.”

Brazil thrust out his hand. “Congratulations.”

Chartan shook it a few times and replied, “Let’s get some coffee.”

The two men walked side by side, matching strides on a path that paralleled the road leading to a handful of small business about a mile from the apartment where Chartan and Gina lived. Nestled among the storefronts was The Java Place which featured “The Chartan,” a strong cup of coffee made with 72 beans.

Chartan, looking straight ahead with each step, quickly lost himself in thought. Is it odd that Brazil and I can be friends and understand each other with so little effort? I sometimes wish we were back on that mountain top, talking so freely, easily about ourselves. And I could once again come down from that mountain to meet Gina. But the journey continues. A child is coming. My life is good

            Brazil was practiced at surveying his surroundings. But at this moment he was trying to turn off his combat skills, to ignore the background sounds of the city.  I don’t have to say anything to have Chartan as a friend.  He has no reason to lie to me. Why must people hide themselves? But I’ve been doing that most of my life. Whom am I to criticize? Damn it, there’s a bus coming up behind us and ahead there’s a car pulling out of a side street.

            “You’re breathing heavily,” said Chartan.

Brazil coughed. “Yeah, I’m have an anxiety attack. Do they serve beer at the Java Place?”


“I’m three months pregnant.”

Julie shifted on the sofa so that she was almost touching Gina.

“Wow. We’re you both trying?”

“I was.”


“No, the subject didn’t come up, or I didn’t want it to come up. Screw it. One night I just let go. And it was great not to worry afterwards. This is a good thing that’s happening.”

“Chartan knows, right?”

“Sure. He’s excited.”


To be continued next Sunday…

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