Chartan :Brazil Finds Adventure


Chartan (Last week:  Chartan is about to open the private passenger compartment door of the limousine to find out why he hasn’t seen or heard anything from the four businessmen.)

(Reminders: Skyler Brazil, a Vietnam veteran turned private eye, sought Chartan’s help in dealing with his PTSD. Chartan drives for Sloan’s Limousine Service. )

“Sky, look at the TV. Isn’t that Chartan?”

Brazil, a scowl on his face, walked into the room holding an opened bottle of beer. He looked at his wife on the sofa before turning to the large TV mounted on the wall.

“What the hell?” He turned up the volume.

The screen showed Chartan standing by a black limo surrounded by police cruisers with flashing red lights. An off-camera voice stated, “Trouble seems to a way of finding Sacramento limousine driver Chartan Chartan who was made famous by helping police capture the infamous car window bandit. Viewers may remember he also helped prevent a shooting at a Sacramento coffee house. Today, he tells police that when he opened the door to check on his four passengers, three were dead and the fourth was missing. Here’s what CHP spokesman Ted Ruskin had to say”:

At this point all we can confirm is that there are three dead males in that limousine and that the driver says the fourth passenger is missing. We don’t have any information on the cause of death. The driver is cooperating with us as investigators try to unravel what went on inside that vehicle.

            “I’m going to Sloan’s,” yelled Brazil. He drained the bottle and left. He hadn’t been out of the house in three days.

I’m getting stale. It’s not Julie’s fault—she means well. I just need an adventure. I should have called that vet with the secret mission, but I didn’t. Helping Chartan will get me going again.         

      He pulled his beater next to the police cruiser at Sloan’s parking lot. His heart was beating fast. Game on.

            To be continued next Sunday…

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