(Last week: Detective Moran grills Chartan about the four men he was driving to the wine country, but the limo driver has little to add to the mystery of why three of the passengers died while the fourth is missing.)

Chartan replayed the interrogation as he walked down the steps of the police station. His thoughts were stopped when he heard his name. Brazil was jogging towards him.

“Let me guess, you were talking with Moran?”

“The one and only.”

“I came down here to see if you needed any support, or detective work. I mean. It’s not every day that people are found dead in the car you’re driving.”

“Don’t forget, one is missing.”

“Exactly—did Moran give you any hints on this missing guy, or how the others died?”

“He was pretty tight lipped—I kept thinking he thought I had something to do with the dead men. “

“Look, I want to find out why they died and who is responsible for their demise.”

Brazil stopped talking and waited for Chartan to respond.

Chartan’s mind raced: These deaths had a purpose and it may have something to do with me. But I can’t tell anyone, even Brazil about what I’m thinking. His eagerness to help bothers me—it’s as if he wants to manipulate me. But he is my friend.

 “Chartan, don’t you hear me?”

“Why do you want to help?”

“I’m bored out of my mind. Besides, don’t you want to know who is behind all of this?”

Moran watched the two men from a second floor window. He turned to Grimes. “Tail those two—they know something and they don’t want us to know about it.”

“On it,” replied Grimes, the rookie detective who spent all his off hours watching TV crime shows.

Moran took the elevator to the basement where he intended to press Barnes, the medical examiner, for the toxicology report on the three dead men.

Barnes looked up from the gurney when Moran entered the lab.

“Anxious, aren’t young? asked Barnes.

“Who wouldn’t be?”

“You wait is over—I have a surprise for you.”

To be continued next Sunday…


One Reply to “Chartan Has Doubts”

  1. Hard to imagine what surprise a medical examiner would learn from gross examination of a body still on a gurney that no one else had noticed.


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