Chartan Seeks a New Direction


(Last week: Detective Grimes confronts Chartan, Sloan and Brazil at the limo office. Brazil offers his theory on the missing fourth passenger.)

Moran looked up from his desk, unsure what his rookie detective had said.

“Sit down, Grimes. I’m not in the mood for fantasy.”

Grimes explained Brazil’s version of the security tape and the fourth passenger without mentioning that it was Brazil’s interpretation.

After Moran reviewed the security tape with Grimes’ fresh eyes, he clapped his hands. “Good work detective.  Now, let’s find that fourth man.”

Meanwhile, at the round table, Sloan and Brazil were deep in conversation over the identity of the fourth man, but Chartan didn’t listen to them. The trauma of seeing dead passengers in the back of the limo had unnerved him. Life was precious. He wanted to be with his wife and son, to make sure their life was as protected as possible. He wasn’t a crime solver. He finished his coffee.

“I have to go,” announced Chartan, standing up from the table. Sloan and Brazil responded, but Chartan was already opening the door.

He stared at the Bentley in the parking lot. It had been a gift from his boss, but now it was a noose around his neck.  His acceptance of the car was a long-term commitment to work as a limo driver. Yes, he needed money to help support his family. And, yes, he had turned the hum of the road into a time of self-reflection. But three lifeless bodies had upended the allure of talking with passengers. It was time to move on, to pursue a new direction in life…with two other human beings at his side. He drove off.

To be continued next Sunday…

Published by 67steffen

My labels: grandfather, father, veteran, writer, poet, photographer and dreamer in pursuit of the meaning of life. Getting close, although I'm running out of time--probably why I'm so close.

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