Chartan Finds His Priorities

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–The ongoing saga of a guru turned limo driver.

Last week: Chartan visits cancer-stricken Brazil who warns him to pay attention to those he loves before it is too late.

Gina and Jake were positioned in the kitchen as Chartan imagined they would be. It was as if he were a browser in a museum with life-like sculptures of those he loved most. They were frozen with smiles as he walked around them. A giant wall clock sent echoes of “tick tock” throughout the room. As the ticking increased, Chartan’s bewilderment slowly morphed into fear. Were they dead? Was he too late?

“Ready for dinner?”

Chartan turned to Gina who was leaning against the sink.


“My husband, it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.”

He rushed to the sink and threw his arms around her.

“We have to eat first,” she replied.

“Have I told you today how much I love you?” asked Chartan, staring at the reflection of Gina’s dark hair in the window.

“Daddy, don’t you love mommy?”

Chartan turned around to face Jake in a high chair at the kitchen table. “I love you both.”

“My world famous macaroni is getting cold,” chimed Gina.

Later that night Chartan fell asleep holding Gina as if she would disappear if he let her go.

To Be Continued Next Sunday…


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