Someday I won’t  be able to go to this “private” beach along Big Sur. The only sign that will keep me out is one of “old age.” For now, I can still negotiate the sharp drop down a cliff side. The reward is spectacular. DSC_1062.JPG

But the real nature of this post is to debate grammar: is it “someday” or “some day?” “Some day” is specific day at an unspecified time while “someday” is unspecified time and day in the future, as in someday my prince will come. You can sometimes substitute some day for someday, but not the other way around. Clear?

I believe I can write both “some day” or “someday” for that day when I will be too feeble to go down a sharp embankment. It’s not like I will have an appointment to look down the cliff and proclaim, “some day has arrived.”



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