Free Rent, Great Location

I put up an artisan birdhouse yesterday. This high rise unit is more than eight feet above the ground with spectacular views of brush filled with berries all year. Occupant must get along with rabbits and quail. Rent is free. Here are other key features:

Security: The entrance is too small for crows and sea gulls. Well lit at night.

Housekeeping: Twice per year–the roof flips up for easy access.

Drainage: There are rain gutters and a drainage hole to prevent moisture build up.

Construction: Beautiful redwood–no toxic materials or paint used. Entrance features a perch for ease of access.

Neighborhood: Sparrows congregate by the brush daily along with rabbits and quail.

Schools: There’s an elementary school around the corner.

2 responses to “Free Rent, Great Location”

  1. Looks very nice and natural… and would be a nice, safe place to nest! 🙂

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  2. Thanks. My painted birdhouses haven’t attracted any birds this year. I’m hoping redwood will do the trick.


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