Art App Matches You to Museum Faces

Above is my attempt to look like the late pop artist, Andy Warhol, below.

Google has released a free app (Art and Culture) with a selfie feature that matches your face with a museum painting. I tried it yesterday with amusing results. First, you take a selfie, then some dots move around and voila, a museum painting takes your place. The match isn’t perfect, instead, it is designed to expose you to art. You can keep taking selfies to get different results if, for example, you modify your appearance, say, by putting on eyeglasses, combing your hair differently, or frowning, laughing, etc.

The highest match rating for me was Captain John Hunter (1737-1821) at 69 percent followed by Andy Warhol at 64 percent.

The Warhol match isn’t a surprise because I’ve practiced looking like him in past years–and that’s another story.

“Free” is a relative term when you consider an app is another way that your behavior can be identified in cyberspace.

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