The Crow: Friend of Foe?

That’s some pair of claws!

Check out the claws! I hope the crow is always friendly. A few years back researchers at the University of Washington released a study showing that crows remember human faces and, consequently, remember who has been naughty or nice to them. I’m in the good guy column, I think, that’s why this American Crow–there are about 40 species of crow–posed for me. They are everywhere in California. In fact, in Carmel I can tell when it’s an hour before sunset–the crows flock to coast oaks and squawk like crazy. Of course, I can also look at the horizon for the same info.

I took this shot about ten days ago and it is the best photo I’ve ever taken of a crow–in most prior attempts the bird is jet black with limited detail of feathered body. But, as I said, this one posed for me. I honestly believe it recognized me as a friend.


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