Consider Rescue Dogs

Our rescue dogs are Teddy (;eft) and Molly (right).

If you are considering running to the pet store or a breeder to get a dog, think again. The greatest dogs in the world are ones that have been rescued from an uncertain life due to circumstances beyond their control. You can find these dogs at public shelters and at rescue organizations. Our dogs, past and present, have been rescues. We’ve even fostered dogs–kept them with our own rescue dogs–until they are adopted by a loving family.

Some rescue groups specialize in a breed such as golden retriever, or
german shepherd while other organizations offer any breed for adoption. These groups generally go to public shelters where they find dogs with a good temperment, or dogs that are afraid and in need of a loving environment. Shelters such as those run by the SPCA and some public pounds are also places to find a good dog.

3 responses to “Consider Rescue Dogs”

  1. We’ve got a little rescue dog… a miniature dachshund named, Lola. She’s a doll! 🙂

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  2. rescuedogproductions Avatar

    we love fostering dogs and all of our dogs are from rescues great blog post


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