Goldenrod Crab Spider

A goldenrod crab spider hides behind a leaf in hopes of attacking an unsuspecting insect.
A honey bee falls prey to a goldenrod spider.

Yesterday I spotted a goldenrod crab spider hiding in chrysanthemums (top photo). Its bite is poisonous to insects but not harmful to humans other than to cause skin irritation. The bottom photo was taken a few years ago when this type of spider trapped one of our honeybees. For this reason I am not a fan of the goldenrod. I’ve only seen two of these spiders in the past five years, but the chances are I might have missed some due to their ability to change colors from white to yellow.

3 responses to “Goldenrod Crab Spider”

  1. Not a friendly spider at all. What a great capture on the spider and bee.

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    1. Thank you. I only wish the spider hadn’t selected a honey bee.

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