The Busy Front Yard

Took this shot yesterday of a female quail resting in an area usually frequented by wild rabbits. She looks like she might give birth soon. I’ve put out oat hay for rabbits to eat, but it also serves as nesting material for quail.

Our front yard has been very busy this year with rabbits and quail living in the underbrush. Scrub jays and California towhees take baths in a water saucer near the stump where we leave Kenilworth ivy and hay for the rabbits. Sometimes the quail and the rabbits are side by side without incident. Still, very few quail chicks appear to have survived their first month while I haven’t seen any rabbits for the past few days.

2 responses to “The Busy Front Yard”

  1. The little creatures of nature are so much fun to watch and enjoy. Have rabbits and quail in my yard. After the 4th of July fireworks the rabbits and quail disappeared for a two days.

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  2. Do you have gophers?


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