Rescuing Old German Shepherds

Phoebe is looking for a loving home. We think she’s ten.
Phoebe and Anne run for a bit.
Phoebe rests at the end of her walk.

For the past ten years the Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue has helped scores of homeless terminally ill or very old dogs find the comfort of a loving home. Anne and I visited a Thulani shelter in Aromas, California yesterday to see how we could help as volunteers. We met a very special dog, Phoebe, who loved walking with us.

Thulani differs from other rescue organizations in that it pays for a dog’s medical care even after the dog finds a new home. Phoebe has been treated for a skin allergy and she currently displays signs of arthritis. But her spirit is young and full of love.

Visit to find out more about Thulani.

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