Clarkia Amoena…

Clarkia amoena

We sowed Clarkia amoena seeds last year and as suggested by its common name, ” Farewell to Spring,” this wildflower blooms in late spring and through the summer.

The seeds were purchased locally–this wildflower, native to California, thrives in the coastal hills and that would be us. Went online and found sites that sold Clarkia seeds in bulk. One site had two customer reviews, both very negative. Imagine the anger of a Houston resident complaining that the Clarkia looked more like weeds than flowers. Houston?

3 responses to “Clarkia Amoena…”

  1. I was recently in Houston and I saw very little spare room for anything to grow. Ha Beautiful flower the Clarkia. I have lived in several areas of California years ago and the wild flowers are beautiful.

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    1. The Clarkia is not a friend of high heat.

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