The Battlefield…

This area was once solid nasturtiums. The dark areas are gopher holes.
More gopher holes.
Gopher hole up close–note the three nasturtium seeds to the right of the hole. Gophers eat the vine, not the seeds, allowing for future growth.

The battlefield is our front yard. Gopher holes dot the landscape. Where there was once a solid green cover of nasturtiums, there are now small clumps of this hearty plant. The gophers have feasted on the nasturtiums, sometimes right before my very eyes–I’ve witnessed an entire plant being pulled down a gopher hole. But on the positive side, the gophers don’t eat the nasturtium pods (seeds), allowing for future growth. Given that we also have rabbits and quail in the front yard, I don’t use gopher traps,that might harm wildlife in general.

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