The Fiery Skipper Butterfly

Butterflies have been far and few between this year. Yesterday, our backyard was visited by two fiery skipper butterflies. They are about an inch long and often hard to spot because of their small size. However, a fiery skipper appeared to be stepping on brightly colored flower petals–that made for a nice shot.

I still await the arrival of the monarchs, due in early October.

5 responses to “The Fiery Skipper Butterfly”

  1. We were blessed with numerous butterflies this year….especially Painted Ladies.

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  2. Nice! All the butterflies must have been in California, we had a huge painted lady migration earlier this year. Never seen ANYTHING like it!

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    1. Amazing. I’ve seen only one painted lady per day this past week. Probably, the same one.

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  3. Very nice! 🙂 If i remember right, i have one lined up for my next blog.


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