In Search of a New Art Form, or Having Fun With Leaves

Two hackberry leaves with water spot designs on them.

It started when I picked up two wet hackberry leaves from the ground. Their “spines” were amazingly clear. Next, I put water drops on them. When the leaves dried, they had a design on them from the water drops. Could this be a new art form, or a waste of time? Here are some whacky results from having fun with leaves:

A photo of the two leaves enlarged on my laptop screen with a “real” leaf resting on the screen.

A hackberry leaf floating in water in a bowl with hand-painted flowers.

My favorite: an outdoor chair in the backyard with leaves, none from a hackberry, that fell on the seat. I did not arrange them.

5 responses to “In Search of a New Art Form, or Having Fun With Leaves”

  1. Love the last natural composition, especially!

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    1. Thanks. Yes, the last shot shows how I can’t compete with nature.

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  2. Reminds me of some photos I took of skme magnolia tree leaves I took… and have never posted yet lol. Great photos.

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