Wrong Way Sparrow

I continued my second day of being unable to photograph the front of a bird. This time it was a sparrow perched on top of a solar light. It would not turn around I couldn’t sneak in front. Stalemate. Maybe I’ll switch to people.

Actually, I started out decades ago exclusively taking photos of people, often candid shots of strangers. Used a model release in those days if I thought the shot might have some published purpose in the future. Sometimes I tried to make a statement–that’s what was done in the 60’s. I had my own darkroom. But I was never well organized, nor did I have a well-defined purpose other than to see people through a lens. I’ve misplaced most of the negatives, although I do have boxes of old photos…somewhere. Besides, my first love was writing. But like these old photos, my words were banged out on a typewriter and the results now rest in boxes…somewhere. I am a museum closed on Mondays.

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