Sacramento Waterfowl

I counted six wood ducks living on an island in a city park.
While I’ve photographed double-crested cormorants on the coast, I saw my first one inland yesterday on a pond two miles from California’s state capitol.

Yesterday I hoped to photograph some winter birds in Sacramento, but I didn’t see a single one, so I walked to pond to take shots of waterfowl. There were mallards, trumpeter swans and Canadian geese. The big surprise was that a family of wood ducks are living on an island in the middle of the pond. And, for the first time I saw a double-crested cormorant in this city of one million-plus.

3 responses to “Sacramento Waterfowl”

  1. We are loaded with cormorants here along the Gloucester coast, but I have never, ever seen one inland.


    1. Sacramento is by a network of marshes full of waterfowl such as egrets and herons. But the cormorant is a new arrival to inland Sacramento in my experience. The city is about 85 miles from the ocean, but only 60 miles from bay waters.


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