How I See Covid-19 Life Today…

Every Covid-19 morning is more bizarre than the previous. We have 50 states marching to different drummers. When the President was asked about the risks of opening the country too early, he shot back with how he will win reelection without mentioning anything about the 41,000-plus who have died. I was walking three dogs on leash with a woman, her face covered with a scarf, headed towards me. At the last minute, I crossed the road to avoid her. A few seconds later, after we had passed each other, she yelled, “I’m so sorry.” Our nation is in a fog, the future is blurry. Our leader is obsessed with poll numbers while health care workers are dying. Help isn’t on the way. Governor Cuomo is manufacturing hope out of raw numbers and explanations that the federal government avoids. I watch the news and get out of breath–there is so much that doesn’t make sense while people flock to the beaches.

The information wheel is spinning so fast that too many people have lost sight of the basics of why we social distance: to reduce the infection rate to a point where hospitals can handle the workload because Covid-19 isn’t going away anytime soon.

One response to “How I See Covid-19 Life Today…”

  1. What a sad situation it is in the U.S. with the current heartless administration.

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