Eyes Left

Eyes Left. A couple in downtown Carmel like most visitors to this tourist town wear masks which are required to enter any store.

Masks rule in Carmel-by-the-Sea, in fact, entry into stores is not allowed unless you wear a mask. Restaurants are open, so the mask can come off once it is time to eat. Until last week you weren’t allowed to sit on the beach, but walking is okay. A few days ago California imposed a mask requirement for all public places.

This mask mandate is contrasted dramatically with the indoor Trump rally planned tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Like the president, his supporters probably won’t wear masks despite the high risk of transmission of the virus in a crowded area. Supporters say not wearing a mask makes a statement about personal freedom rights. I wear a mask in stores to show others, particularly the vulnerable, that I don’t want them to get the coronavirus. Choose sides.

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