The Nasturtium Process

Nasturtium pods, ripe for picking.
The nasturtium pods planted last year are coming up orange with a hint of yellow this year.

July marks the start of processing pods from nasturtiums so I can plant them in the fall. I put collected pods on a paper plate that is left out in the sun for a day. Next, the plate goes in the house away from light for a week–the pods will go from green to light brown after a few days. Next, I put the pods in a paper bag for several weeks. Finally, I pour the pods back on the plate and inspect them to make certain that they are hard and dried. If they have not hardened, they are discarded. The winners are put in a mason jar until October, planting time along the coast here.

The nasturtiums I planted last year have a brilliant orange hue with a touch of yellow this year.

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