Painted Lady…Where are You?

Painted lady in my backyard in 2019.

The painted lady butterfly may be found around the world–it is the most widespread of all butterflies–but where has it gone along the coast of Carmel? I saw the painted lady in great numbers last year, but this season my count is in single digits. I’ve also noticed a decrease in butterflies in general, save for the cabbage white. The downturn in sightings in the backyard comes despite doubling the number of butterfly attracting plants.

We did lose a field to development down the street this year. But a large green belt area near us remains untouched. The annual monarch migration is three month’s away–last year the count was way down.

Covid-19 has shown us how fragile life can be. Less known is how the rabbit population has been decimated by a virus. Maybe something is up with painted ladies, or do I have too much time on my hands?

One response to “Painted Lady…Where are You?”

  1. The Painted Lady population here in NE can vary quite a bit from year to year.
    We were inundated three years ago, but had few last year.

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