Veterans to Trump: “You Lose!”

Donald Trump and I were both eligible for the military draft in 1969 during the Vietnam War. I went in while Trump got a slew of deferments. After two years in the Army, I returned to a normal life until 2010 when I got fed up seeing too many veterans suffering from wounds, both physical and mental, linked to their service to our country. So, I went to work for Congresswoman Jackie Speier where I focused on helping combat vets obtain VA care and financial compensation. I did this, in part, because I had some guilt that I hadn’t suffered like my brothers and sisters overseas. But, also, it was the right to do. Trump is incapable of understanding this dynamic, instead, he thinks only of himself as he seeks to weaken the U.S. Postal Service to thwart mail-in ballots in 2020 November election. He has no awareness that 330,000 veterans depend on the mail for their VA prescription medications–he wants to be re-elected at any cost.

Below is a video clip fro, VoteVets that lays the issue out clearly.

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