Runaway Nasturtium

When left to its own devices, a nasturtium, truly a spreading vine, will head for the strangest places. Took this shot yesterday of one on its way to the end of our deck, past some weeds and a hose, where it will crawl up and over a brick wall on its way to freedom. Maybe this is a sign that gophers have given up.

2 responses to “Runaway Nasturtium”

  1. I have gazillions of Nasturtiums in my garden but I didn’t plant them. They came up and spread like a weed. Seeds must have been in the compost. Unfortunately they have very big leaves and small flowers

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  2. For the first time in ten years nasturtiums in our yard don’t have large leaves. I attribute the decreased leaf size to an increase in water. But this is only a hunch.


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