The Games Pelicans Play

Brown pelicans take flight just before the surf crashes on the beach.
This pelican and two sea gulls waited their turn to challenge the surf.
But this pelican wasn’t taking any chances–that is a nasty surf.
Brown pelicans at surf”s edge, calmly waiting until the last second. Note how the beach slopes towards the ocean.

On November 15 and 16 the highest tides of the year are expected along the Monterey Coast. In preparation for this event, brown pelicans and a few sea gulls challenge the rough surf at Carmel River State Beach. The birds wait for the last second to take off before the surf crashes on the deeply sloped sand. This game is not recommend for flightless humans.

3 responses to “The Games Pelicans Play”

  1. It must be great fun to watch them!

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    1. Yes, I rather watch pelicans than politics on TV.

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      1. You and me both (lol!).

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