The Adventures of Chartan: Talking without Filters

            (Last Sunday: Chartan dismisses the questioning of the famed therapist, Dr. Kodor, but when he returns to his apartment, Gina, seated at the kitchen table, appears distraught.)

            “I have three things to tell you, so you better sit,” said Gina.

            Chartan pulled out a chair without taking his eyes off his wife.

            “I take it we’re in dramatic mode,” he said.

            “Please sit.”

            He plopped down on the chair. “Hit me.”

            “Okay, try this. I’m an ex-felon, Julie’s not my aunt and I’m pregnant.”

            Chartan watched his clenched fist slide across the table top.

            “Let’s start with pregnant.”

            “Yes, you’re the father.”

            “Is that okay with you?”

            “That you’re the father, that I’m pregnant?”

            “This is too tense for the occasion,” said Chartan as he stood up. “What you were in the past doesn’t mean anything if you want me to be the father.”

            “I’m too tense,” replied Gina. “I shouldn’t have held out about a mistake I made a long time ago. I thought you’d walk out. And when I missed two periods, I knew I’d waited too long.”

            “Was it a violent felony?”

            Gina laughed, but stopped when she realized her husband of less than a year had a pained look. She stood up.

            “Not violent. A misguided Ponzi scheme. Want to know more?”

            “Are you off parole?”


            “Do you love me?”

    Gina took three quick steps and finished by throwing her arms around Chartan. They kissed like they’d never stop.

                                            (Continued next Sunday)

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