The Adventures of Chartan: Off to War!

(Last week: Chartan and Brazil renew their friendship over coffee.)

            As expected Gina was seated at the kitchen table when Chartan opened the door to their apartment.  They smiled in unison.

            “How was coffee?  she asked.

            “We promised to work on our friendship.”

            “Good. Any mention of Julie?”

            Chartan sat down with a thud. “Not really—it was guy stuff.”

            “Well, Mr. Guy, this is my last day at work.”

            “I know—just three months to go.”


            The next day Chartan was walking to Sloan’s when he was startled by the honk of a horn. Brazil was waving from the driver’s side window.

            “I’m off to war,” yelled Brazil as he stopped the car by Chartan.

            “What’s that mean?”

            “Flying to Poland tomorrow to meet up with a Ukrainian army buddy—the Russians need to be taught a lesson about motivation and freedom.”

            “I read about the invasion on the internet this morning. Why are you going?”

            “Warrior stuff, but I’ll be back one way or another within a month.”

            “What’s that mean?”

            “Pine box, or economy seat.”

            A minute later after watching Brazil’s sedan speed off, Chartan picked out a boulder by road’s edge and sat on it, wondering if he’d see his friend again.

            Expectations have gotten in the way. Here I thought I was on solid footing with Brazil, then without warning, he is going to disappear. Maybe I’m being selfish but I thought I was helping him, but clearly not enough to keep him here. Don’t understand this warrior stuff.

            Chartan resumed his walk, but at a much slow pace than before. He had lost his sense of purpose.

            (To be continued next Sunday)

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