Why Leo?

Our rescue dog Leo was named Ivan by the shelter where he was captive. We’ve had him for three years and until recently called him Ivan. But by pure accident I said “Leo” one day and Ivan’s head shot up in recognition. Now he responds in a positive mode to “Leo” and has taken to doing a lion-like pose on the beach when he is off leash. Better yet, when I call “Leo”, he actually comes to me. Is his original name “Leo,” or is that name just a positive command that means “you’re free to be happy”? I choose the latter.

Another fact to confirm that he is a Leo is that he did not bark for nearly three years. Then last week he was outside by the front door when a repairman opened the front gate. I was inside the house where I heard a loud deep bark. At first I thought it was a neighbor’s dog barking. When I opened the door I saw Leo giving the repairman one more lion roar. If nothing else, Leo is reclaiming his life as a dog.

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