Geraniums: Disliked by Spiders and So-So with Honeybees

Honeybee hovering around a geranium.

Some 70 years ago I went into a brick house built in the 1760s. What I remember about the insides was the smell of red geraniums–they were everywhere. The elderly woman who lived there said geraniums keep spiders away–they don’t like the odor. To this day I think about that day when I see red geraniums.

We have a large number of these plants in our backyard. I’ve been told that honeybees don’t bother with geraniums because they produce little pollen. So, I took photos yesterday of a honeybee working our geraniums. There were no spiders to be seen and just this one bee.

3 responses to “Geraniums: Disliked by Spiders and So-So with Honeybees”

  1. There you have scientific proof of the old lady’s theory. Hi Steffen


  2. I should run for office.


  3. Nice to hear from you.


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