The Adventures of Chartan: Just Say No

                (Last Sunday: The police find the teens. Chartan promises Gina that he will turn down Minerva’s job offer.)

            “Talk to Thor,” said Minerva pushing back from the desk usually occupied by Sloan. Chartan, per custom, sat in front of the desk. Minerva stood up as Thor, only slightly taller than the widow, squeezed into the cushioned chair. He wore a brown suit with blonde stringy hair falling on his shoulders.

            Chartan had never seen Thor before, only heard his name from Minerva who had praised his invention of a special electric vehicle.

            “Chartan, it is pleasure to meet you.” Thor’s deep voice had a tinge of a Swedish accent. Chartan was struck by the man’s deep set eyes which gave him a mysterious look.

            “Welcome to Sloan’s,” said Chartan.

            “Not for long—we’re going to change the name to The Viking Limousine Service.”

            “Okay,” said Chartan. “Why am I here?” His tone was unfriendly by design—he didn’t want to be sweet talked into taking a job.”

            Thor placed his hands on the desk for Chartan to see. They were thick and leathery–his face tightened with anger.

            Chartan concentrated on not shifting in his chair—he didn’t want Thor to think he was afraid of the situation.

            “I was told by Minerva that you would excel as the general manager of this operation.”

            Chartan didn’t respond.

            “I assume you will take the position.”

            “I’m not interested.”

            “Chartan!” Minverva’s voice rang out in shock.

            Chartan blinked once, then he stood up, bowed to Minerva and left the office in a brisk walk.

            Once in the parking lot, he jogged to the limo Sloan had given him. He got in, started the vehicle then accelerated to the exit. In the rear view mirror he saw Minerva waving frantically. He smiled and kept driving. His cell phone rang twice before he turned it off. It was time to make a new list.

            (Continued next Sunday)

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