The Adventures of Chartan: Conviction

            (Last Sunday: Chartan turns down Minerva’s offer that would have put him in charge of the limousine service.)

            Chartan parked his limo carefully in the apartment complex lot. After killing the engine he held onto the steering wheel while thinking of the immediate future. Minerva will probably take back my limo.  I won’t have a job with the baby due in little over month. If I find work, my problems will go away.

            He left the limo after deciding that teaching life restoration classes again at the Adult Center must be his first go at income. He’d built up a good following, only to switch full-time to limo driving to earn more cash for their expanded family. Now the challenge was to build up enrollment to 75 students per class per week.

            “I can do it,” he said out loud as he approached the stairs to the apartment. Inside he quickly told Gina how he had rejected Minerva’s offer before launching into his resolve to earn money from teaching classes.

            Gina smiled. When he took a long pause, she spoke firmly.

            “I like it when you have conviction,” said Gina.

            Two weeks later Chartan stood before 82 paying students looking for insights on how to be happier with little effort.  The key for him was how many would pay $15 for a second class. But for the moment they were entertained by Chartan’s guru mode where he threw out rapid tidbits about overcoming the chains of routine, dealing with other people’s mania and how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

            When the class ended, the student chatter was loud and Chartan took the noise level to mean the first class was a success, save for one lone person who remained seated and motionless in the back row. It was Thor. He approached Chartan when they were the only ones left in the classroom

            “I will double your pay!” said Thor.

(Continued next Sunday)

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