The Adventures of Chartan: Money, Money, Money

(Last Sunday: Chartan,  in need of money, commits to teaching his Life Restoration classes again. The first class goes well but at the end Thor offers to double his pay if he returns to the limousine service.)

                Chartan doesn’t answer Thor, instead, he weighs the consequences of telling Gina he has changed his mind and will return to the service for more money.

                “Are you interested, or not?” asked Thor firmly.

                “I’d like 50 percent more on top of what you are offering,” countered Chartan.

                Thor took a step closer to Chartan—the two men were now a few feet apart and the size difference was most notable—Chartan was a good six inches taller than the stocky Swede.  Thor offered his hand. Chartan took it.

                “Agreed,” said Thor. “Can you be in the office in two hours? I will have your contract ready to sign for what you ask—that will be $2,000 per week, if I am not mistaken.”

                “Yes,” answered Chartan without a smile.

                The two men parted quickly. Chartan sat down on the closest chair and thought how he and Gina would no longer have money problems. But, then he paused. If he were to be paid $2,000 per week, it would be like driving Minerva roundtrip to and from San Francisco five days per week with, of course, money taken out for gas, tolls, repairs and upkeep. Where would all the fares come from?

                At the apartment he broke the news to Gina, beginning with $2,000 per week. She stared at him and replied,” Sounds too good to be true. Make sure you read the contract carefully.”

                “I certainly will.  Thor is strange and, for that matter, so is Minerva. I’ll be careful.”

                A short time later he drove his limo back to the office. When he was a 1,000 feet away from the lot, he pulled to the side of the road and filled himself with a mixture of thoughts ranging from euphoria over finally having money to meet the expenses of bringing a child into the world to fear that Thor and Minerva had evil intentions. What could they do to him?

(Continued next Sunday)

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