The Adventures of Chartan: Happiness or Money?

(Last Sunday:  Thor offers Chartan $2,000 per week to return to the limo service. Chartan accepts but continues to distrust Minerva and Thor.)

            Once the limo was parked in the apartment lot, Chartan remained behind the wheel, listening to the ping of a cooling engine. When the noise stopped, he began tapping the steering wheel. He didn’t have to sign the contract—that was one way to get out of Minerva’s grasp. He had roughly 90 minutes remaining before returning to Sloan’s. He needed to give Gina a reason for leaving. He could fabricate an excuse, or admit that $2,000 per week was too much money to pass up. What would she want other than honesty? He got out of the limo and gave himself 60 seconds to reach a decision.

            “When did the class get over?” asked Gina looking at the wall clock.

            “It was a great glass—there were an amazing 82 people who signed up.”

            “That’s so good—you’ve work hard for it.” Gina, seated at the kitchen table, was all smiles.

            “And there’s something else.”

            Her smile faded.

            “Minerva’s friend came to the class and, afterwards, offered me $2,000 per week to come back.”

            Gina had a blank look at first, then she gave her husband a quick grin. “What are you going to do?”

            He sat down at the table. “The money will help but l don’t trust Minerva and her strange friend. What do you think?”

            “I want us to be happy…not rich.”

            Chartan placed his hand over Gina’s. “I have to go back in 90 minutes to sign, or not sign a contract. Getting a weekly enrollment of 75 will be difficult, but it can be done and I will enjoy doing it.”

            “I’ll go with you to Sloan’s, OK?”

(Continued next Sunday)

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