The Adventures of Chartan: The Power of Two

(Last Sunday: Gina and Chartan agree to go together to meet with Thor who has offered Chartan a lucrative contract.)

            As Chartan walked to the limo office, he put his arm around Gina who was now 8+ months pregnant.

            “You don’t have to do that,” she said. “I’m the size of a house right now.”

            “I want to.  Besides, this is our decision.”

            A half-an-hour later they left the office with Chartan clutching Gina’s shoulder.

            “You were magnificent,” she said.

            Chartan smiled. Thor had been so desperate that he offered to name the limo service after Chartan. But, by then, the wannabe guru refused to give up his freedom and sense of right and wrong for money. Gina’s eyes convinced him that he was doing the right thing.

            Chartan held the limo door open for Gina.

            “Give me a few minutes to get in,” she laughed.

            He watched her carefully shift her stomach so that it did not brush up against the dashboard. He sensed he was entering a special moment when time moved slowly, a marked contrast to the last 24 hours when he went back and forth on the limo job at a frenetic pace. The difference was Gina. He realized that he had been selfish in assessing Thor’s strategy without her. His wife was just as important part of any offer as he was.

            “Ok, husband, you can safely close the door.”

            He pushed the door shut, his gaze focused on his wife on the other side of the glass. He had never been happier in his life than now.

(Continued next Sunday)

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