The Adventures of Chartan:Intermission

(Last Sunday: Chartan reads a letter from Brazil and rushes Gina to the hospital after her water breaks.)

                It was nearly noon in the hospital parking lot when Chartan put baby Jake in the car seat next to Gina. Then he drove the limo a few miles under the speed limit, in part, due to the time spent looking in the rear view mirror, switching from his son to his wife and visa versa.

            “Keep your eye on the road, mister, “said Gina with a smile.

            “Yes,” ma’m.”

            The ride to their apartment was uneventful other than the rapid fire thoughts he had about fatherhood, his beautiful wife, Brazil’s return from Ukraine, the Life Restoration class he was to teach the next day, the rent due notice on the kitchen table and the gas gauge needle nearing empty. He caught his breath and turned off the limo.

            (The Adventures of Chartan will return in a few weeks.)

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