Sacramento Trees Fall by the Hundreds

Two towering Italian Stone Pines in a public park were toppled by the storm.

The Sacramento Department of Public Works says over 1,000 trees have fallen since the New Year Eve. William Land Park looks like it was bombed. Many of these trees have withstood storms and drought for over 80 years. But “climate change” in the form of drought followed by relentless rain and high winds proved to be too much for cedar, pine and eucalyptus trees.

Please reread the first sentence: ” over 1,000 trees have fallen” in the City of Sacramento since the start of the year. Some of these trees crushed houses cars and people (two deaths were reported in Sacramento). Truly a somber start to 2023.

2 responses to “Sacramento Trees Fall by the Hundreds”

  1. Sorry such needed moisture is causing such havoc.


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