Chicks on the Run

After watching a few minutes of news yesterday on the pandemic, I slumped back down in a chair, only to catch a glimpse of quail chicks zig-zagging by. Smiled instinctively. These newborns were drunk with life, the excitement of being somewhere, anywhere, for the first time under, of course, the watchful eye of their dad.Continue reading “Chicks on the Run”

Hummingbird Hotel

I was painting my latest birdhouse fabrication red yesterday when a hummingbird hovered overhead, hence, the name, Hummingbird Hotel. This structure features a sliding roof slanted at 22.5 degrees–it is held in place by screws covered by slats that rotate. Simply turn two screws “lefty-righty” to release the roof if you wish to clean theContinue reading “Hummingbird Hotel”