Feeders Help Hummingbirds

Yesterday, there was a ruby-throated hummingbird at a feeder in a neighbors yard. I wasn’t able to get close–the bird jetted away–but at least I got this shot. Hummingbirds have a high rate of metabolism that requires the consumption of nectar every day, so, nectar feeders are good, provided they are kept clean and haveContinue reading “Feeders Help Hummingbirds”

The Local Lagoon

On most mornings I walk to the local lagoon to see wildlife and the fog. Yesterday, with Ivan on leash, egrets sailed overhead while I stood on lagoon’s edge. Clicked the camera while the Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” blared away from a camper van in the parking lot, about thirty feet away. TheContinue reading “The Local Lagoon”