Chartan: Brazil Makes a Phone Call

  (Last week Chartan tells Brazil he wants to be a father while Gina tries to distance herself from Julie.) “Didn’t you ever think about why we got married an hour after meeting?” Brazil watched tears roll down Julie’s cheeks. He hadn’t given their marriage day any thought and he wasn’t going to lie toContinue reading “Chartan: Brazil Makes a Phone Call”

Chartan’s Journey Continues…

(Last week Chartan and Brazil think about honesty while walking to a coffee shop. Gina tells Julie she’s happy to be pregnant.) Chartan and Brazil, each armed with a mug of coffee, took a table in the far corner, comfortably removed from the other patrons of The Java Place. “This the best French roast in NorthernContinue reading “Chartan’s Journey Continues…”

Chartan: Congratulations

  (Last week Gina tells Chartan she is pregnant while Brazil tries to hide is anger over Julie’s criminal past.) “Gina’s three months pregnant.” Brazil thrust out his hand. “Congratulations.” Chartan shook it a few times and replied, “Let’s get some coffee.” The two men walked side by side, matching strides on a path thatContinue reading “Chartan: Congratulations”

Chartan: Time to Talk

  (Three episodes ago Julie tells Brazil that she and Gina aren’t related and that they’re both felons. Last week after walking out on Dr. Kodor, Chartan comes home only to be confronted by Gina who has to talk to him.)   “I have three things to tell you, so you better sit,” said Gina. ChartanContinue reading “Chartan: Time to Talk”

Chartan Meets Again with Dr. Kodor

(Last week: After Julie and Brazil decide to end their road trip and return to Sacramento, Julie reveals she and Gina are not related and that they were imprisoned for running a Ponzi scheme.) Chartan spotted Minerva in his side view mirror approaching the rear of the limo, her gait slow, her head bowed.  HeContinue reading “Chartan Meets Again with Dr. Kodor”

Chartan: Gina Revealed

(Last week: When Chartan drives Minerva to San Francisco, she forces him to consider how he views life as a married man. Meanwhile, Julie and Brazil are on a road trip.) Julie and Brazil were the only customers at a run down, dimly lit bar somewhere in New Mexico about an hour before sunset. Julie pushed theContinue reading “Chartan: Gina Revealed”

Chartan and Minerva

(Last week: Chartan and Gina harbor doubts about their marriage, although they keep it to themselves.) For Chartan, driving Minerva to San Francisco was like putting on his weathered,  black leather jacket—a fit so comfortable, he didn’t think about it. They’d exchange pleasantries before drifting off in their very different worlds. She, in the backContinue reading “Chartan and Minerva”

Chartan: Details

Last week: Chartan and Gina’s impromptu wedding reception sparks romance between Gina’s Aunt Julie and Skyler Brazil. “We close in 30 minutes,” said the clerk without looking up. “Time enough to get married?” asked Chartan. She raised her head slowly as if in fear of what she would see. “You!  Sorry no refunds and IContinue reading “Chartan: Details”